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Nowadays, people fail to get their desired products. Why? Because after getting too much-diverted information from many internet sources. They are just confused about what to choose and what to leave. But I assure you that after reading this article about the best queen mattress under 300 dollars, you will quickly decide which mattress under 300 suits your need. You will get multiple best options about the pad in under 300 dollar range.

best queen mattress under 300

Amazon Basics Cooling Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Amazon Basics gel-infused memory foam mattress has three layers of construction. The top layer is coated with gel memory foam that gives you cozy sleep at night. The second layer or the middle layer is supportive. After that, we have the last layer or base layer, which is made of durable foam that gives support as well as firmness to the mattress. 

The top gel layer provides your cooling effect, and the middle layer supports you in airflow that helps in heat regulation to offer you a pleasant sleep. This mattress has a medium firmness to provide you expectational support throughout the whole night. Its dimension is around 80 x 60 x 10 inches, and weight is about 55.5 pounds. 

However, this mattress does not come with the bed frame. However, for this mattress, you can use standard box spring, or it will work correctly on any twin-size platform bed base.


Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus mattress comes with a poly jacquard cover with green tea infused memory foam. It consists of 3 layers, the top layer that is about 3 inches memory foam that provides you firmness. After that, we have 2-inches high-quality comfort foam, and lastly, we have the third layer that is of 7 inches with a high-density support foam. 

This mattress is a medium-firm mattress, but not a rocky firm or soft like it sink when pressure is applied. Its firmness is quite moderate and comfortable. Zinus memory foam is anti-oxidant; furthermore, it is infused with natural green tea extracts that help the mattress to vanish its factory odor and provide you freshness. 

Moreover, edge support of the bed is also a significant edge is as sturdy as the rest of the mattress if you are on the budget, so we recommend you this mattress as the best budget mattress in the range of under 300 dollars. 

You can use this mattress with an adjustable bed frame. It arrives in compressed form; it is recommended that you must give 48 hours to expand correctly. The expansion time also depends on the weather as if it is chilly; then, it takes more time.


Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best Price 10-inch memory foam mattress is looking best fit in best queen mattress under 300 list, due to some reasons. First of all, it’s memory foam so it will provide more firmness as well as support to your body. This memory foam mattress comes with a poly-jacquard fabric cover, and this cover comes with a zipper. 

Its dimension is approximately 43 x 17 x 10 inches, as mentioned in its product description. Moreover, the weight is also quite well; it is around 68.6 pounds. 

It fits best on the adjustable bed frame, and if we see the density of the memory foam, it’s relatively dense but not hard. When you lay down on, it feels thick, but after that, it will adjust its shape around the curves of the body.

You can use box spring for this mattress, or it can also use directly on the floor; it’s up to you, but it entirely supportive of any place.


Dreamfoam Bedding Doze 11-inch Mattress

Dreamfoam provides you an 11-inch mattress that is manufactured with dual-layer technology. The dual-layer offers you enhanced contouring and comfort to your body. It constructed by different layer thicknesses that provide medium firmness that delivers more in-depth compression support on top and gives full support at the base layer. 

It is a high-density convoluted foam that creates structural stiffness with increase breathability. So this different thickness of the sheet presents your personalized sleep experience.

It arrives in a compressed and rolled form. It is recommended to provide around 24 hours so that it can fully expand and dissipate factory odor if some exit after expansion. Dreamfoam’s mattress weight is 60 pounds, and the dimension is 80 x 60 x 11 inches.

It does not need box spring, and it will be fine if you put it onto the adjustable base. Furthermore, you will not see fiberglass in it. The drawback of this pad is that if you frequently use edges of the mattress, then you must know that its edge support is not too good as well as you can only use one side of the bed.


Vesgantti 10.2-Inch Hybrid Queen Mattress

Vesgantti hybrid queen mattress is a multilayer mattress, and it contains individual pocket springs that are supported by hundreds of quality and stainless different pocket springs. All of these springs individually helps your body to be comfortable on the mattress; most importantly, your neck, shoulder, and head. Moreover, these springs also work as a shock absorber and resilience. It can adjust your body to align on the pad in a suitable sleeping posture.

Our team recommends the Vesgantti support form, and it is the most exceptional fit in the best queen mattress under 300 list. This luxury support system does not only provide you better support. But also absorb more pressure that comes from different parts of your body so that you can perfectly align your figure from head to toe on this pad. Additionally, its springs give more buffer for your body. This kind of mechanism relax your muscle and helps you to sleep comfortably in any posture on the bed.

This ultimate luxury slow spring back foam is made of high-density, which provides firmness to the pad. This foam contains essential temperature sensitive material that regulates temperature and makes it breathable. Hence it expels the steamy sweat from the contact surface between you and the mattress to keep the body dry and relax.

This high-quality spring back foam can effectively absorb the sounds and vibrations made by the movement of the body on the mattress to provide a better experience and pleasant sleep. It also offers excellent edge support.

However, this mattress can be used with adjustable bed frames. Like other mattresses, it does not too much time inflate; in some cases, it took around 5 to 10 minutes to expand fully.


LUCID 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid gel memory foam contains a dual-layer that consists of 2.5 inches of gel memory foam. The top layer is used to regulates heat and provide excellent support to the body. The fabric cover of the mattress is used to control the moisture, and it creates a comfortable air layer. This mattress is made of Dunlop latex that makes it a little denser. It is soft from the upper layer, and it increases its firmness as we go down the sheets. 

It works best with an adjustable base. Its dimension is 80 x 60 x 10 inches, and weight is approximately 55 pounds. Lucid gel memory foam is non-toxic but has some strong smell that can dissipate within 1 or 2 weeks. It can take less time if you provide it some ventilation place.

It is an attractive mattress, but if you put it on the floor or some other reliable platform, you will need a box spring.

Classic Brands Ventilated Gel Memory Foam

Classic Brands emphasized mostly on the mattress coolness and ventilation. This gel memory foam is the same as mentioned in the name. It consists of a luxurious ventilated gel that keeps the mattress fresh and provides ventilation that helps in the cooling process. 

It comes with a detailed charcoal gray and white cover that has a four-way stretch knit that works with the memory foam mattresses. Gel particles are infused with the high-density memory foam more smooth sleeping surface. These types of coating are ideal for every kind of sleeper. 

This memory foam is naturally hypoallergic and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. Classic Brands mattress can be used with an adjustable frame. Its package contains the only bed with a gorgeous cover; it does not to arrive with box spring.

Modway Aveline 6-inch Gel Infused Memory Foam

Modway Aveline gives you super comfortable gel-infused memory foam in this price. Aveline helps you to align your head, neck, and hips on mattress quickly and provide your body relaxed surface. The foam inside this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, so you do not have to worry about the quality and material used in the construction. You must be sure that it does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, PBDEsTDCPP, or TCEP and is low on VOC

As it is discussed above that, it does not contain flame retardants, so the question is, what makes this mattress flame retardant? According to CertiPUR-US, it meets “open flame” flammability requirements only when used without foundation.
Its top layer is gel infused that is open cell and provides you quick ventilation to make pad cool throughout its use. 

When we look to its weight, it is 39 pounds, which is not that bulky, whereas its dimension is perfect, like 80 x 60 x 6 inches.

Olee Sleep 10-inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Blue

Olee sleep mattress offers you medium-firm support for all sleeping positions. Its construction is purely balanced that helps you to relieve pressure and sleepless nights. The top layer that holds gel is basically to regulate heat and make your night relaxed and comfortable. The base of the memory foam has a high density that makes this mattress long-lasting and durable.

The product dimension is 80 x 60 x 10 inches, and weight is around 52 pounds. This mattress works great on a solid wooden base as well as with box spring. It is the best quality mattress in this price tag.


PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

PrimaSleep gel memory foam is made of polyester. The top gel layer perfectly aligns your body shape in the best condition. Primesleep pad is soft gel memory foam that provides you soft support. This mattress contains foam that is mainly used to prevents deflection mattresses.

The product dimensions are 60 x 80 x 10 inches, and weight is 52 pounds. It is recommended that do not remove its cover because it contains fiberglass in it.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 6-Inch Mattress

Classic brands cool gel memory foam 6-inch mattress contains 70 percent polyester and 30 percent rayon. This gel memory foam provides proper heat regulation that offers you a cozy and comfortable night’s sleep. It can be used in guest rooms, bunk beds, and dorms. Its last layer offers you high-density that eliminates tossing and turning during the sleep. 

This mattress does not contain fiberglass. However, its mattress cover is easy to unzip and easy to put back on. It can be easily used with an adjustable base.


If you are still curious about what would be the best queen mattress under 300 budget, then we will help you to sort out things for you. According to our team analysis on these mattresses, all of the above are the best options. But, there are some pads which have some exceptional feature like Zinus and Vesgantti mattress as well as they have some great reviews on Amazon. It will make the best choices from the above list.

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